Welcome to AirPatchCable.com, your technical partner for recording audio aloft.  Here you will learn about several designs of the AIR Patch Cable.  All of our designs are free for you to use or modify with attribution to AirPatchCable.com.  We also have a web store to purchase AIR Patch Cable kits, and fully assembled AIR Patch Cables.

The name for the AIR Patch Cable was formed after its function.  “AIR” is an acronym for Aviation Intercom Recording and “Patch Cables” are commonly used for routing audio signals between devices.

The AIR Patch Cable was designed to level shift the audio signal from your aircraft’s intercom to prevent over saturation and audio clipping of the input to your recording device.  This level shifting is referred to as “attenuating”.

In addition to attenuating or level shifting your intercom audio signal, the AIR Patch Cable circuitry is designed with capacitive coupling.  This further improves the recorded audio signal quality by blocking any DC component of your intercom signal to allow only the audio signals through to your recording device.  In addition to improving the audio quality, capacitive coupling provides protection for your intercom and recording device by providing DC isolation.

AIR Patch Cables and kits have been designed with high quality components including Rean / Neutrick audio connectors, and Mogami audio cable.  High quality components means high fidelity signal integrity for high quality videos.  Whether you are recording for posterity or commercial video production the AIR Patch Cable always delivers clean, crisp, and clear audio to your recording device.

AirPatchCable.com is a subsidiary of Lakeside Electronics, LLC, creators of high performance motorsport lighting and electronics.

All of AirPatchCable.com‘s cables are designed, developed and built in the USA.

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